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Your B.F.F. will be there to help you with:

Paying Off Debt

Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt – especially a sizable amount – feels like it’s never going to end. With specialized planning and training, however, our clients have paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Buying a House

Buying a House

All “big” life goals – like buying a house – require cash and (sometimes) great credit. Our trainers help you earn and save that cash, all while improving your credit score so when you’re ready to make the purchase, you’re financially prepared.

Saving for a Wedding

Saving for a Wedding

If you think saving for the ring is hard, what about the actual wedding day and the honeymoon? We’ll help you accomplish these goals and save up the cash.

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Here's what to expect:

We take a fitness-inspired approach to your finances, teaching you how to make smarter money decisions that add up over time. It's a lot like joining a gym, minus the fancy equipment and spandex.

Meet your best
financial friend
Work on a
customized plan
with your B.F.F.
with your
You're in
control of your
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Let's start by getting to know each other better.

Plans start at $85/month*

1-hour goal-setting meeting with your trainer
Meeting to review your financial plan
Quarterly check-ins with your trainer, in person or on the phone
Ongoing access to your trainer as questions / challenges arise
Access to our online spend-tracking portal

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*All plans are recurring monthly subscriptions that you can cancel any time. Special student pricing available upon request.

We're so confident, we guarantee success.
Who does that?

Our plans work. And together, you will be on your road to financial happiness. But just to sweeten the pot even more, we guarantee success — or your money back.

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So, what do you say? Are we gonna do this?

The core of a successful trainer/client relationship is honesty and communication, and it starts with our very first conversation. We call it a “Warm Up Call”. This conversation helps you find a trainer who’s perfect for you and your finances.

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