Your Network is (Part of) Your Net Worth

When: Thurs, June 27th

Time: 6:00-8:00PM EST

134 West 25th Street, NY NY 10001

The Method and the Magic Behind Meeting People IRL in Today’s Digital-First World 
In a digital-first world, do you ever feel like you’ve lost the “ courage muscle” when it comes to meeting people in real life? Same, friend. Same. Guest speaker  Amy Ogden (you may have seen her 2018 TEDx Talk), will join us to get real about how technology has changed us and talk about the magic and the method behind meeting people in the wild. Do you walk into a networking event and freeze? When’s the last time you met a huge business prospect or even just a new friend in line at Starbucks? Do you get shy when you see a cutie making eyes at you at the gym? Amy is on a mission to maximize every digital platform and technology we have today, while also remaining true to the human spirit and real-world connections.

Amy has spoken at conferences including Keynoting ILTM’s Young Leaders Conference, headlining a hospitality conference in Puerto Rico during the rebuilding after Hurricane Maria and most recently spoke to a group of leaders in Napa.